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2022 Telehealth Innovators Challenge Finalists

The ATA is excited to showcase the latest digital health innovations for healthcare delivery to help eliminate gaps in access to care. Meet the Top Nine Innovators who will pitch live onstage at ATA2022, May 2!


These organizations are creating software-centric digital solutions to expand care to patients when and where they need it, helping to improve healthcare outcomes:


Pulsenmore – Home Ultrasound for Prenatal Care

An emerging leader in connected, at-home ultrasound, delivering convenience and efficiency beyond traditional imaging.

The Pulsenmore ES™ is an at-home fetal ultrasound solution that delivers convenience, peace of mind and reliability beyond traditional fetal monitoring, and can serve patients and caregivers in remote/healthcare deserts. It is designed to improve clinical and operational efficiency, reduce in-clinic visits, and lower overall costs of care.


Everside Virtual Care

Everside Health direct primary care is an add-on benefit that works alongside health insurance. We provide primary care services for preventive, acute, urgent and routine healthcare needs. Members enjoy low-to-no out-of-pocket costs. Our Virtual Primary Care model serves to broaden the reach of personalized, affordable care across an employer’s workforce.

Virtual Primary care services—annual wellness reviews, labs and biometric screens, routine cancer screenings, sick or episodic visits, chronic condition counseling, lifestyle and behavioral coaching, mental health screenings and treatment, medication refills—including home delivery—and referrals to local providers. Everside’s model facilitates second opinions, connection to medical specialists through Rubicon and Care Connect.


Andor Health

Andor Health’s mission is to change the way care teams connect and collaborate. Leveraging the power of a ubiquitous AI/ML platform, Andor Health orchestrates and optimizes clinical workflows for sustainable virtual health across patients and the entire care team specific to: virtual health, inpatient rounding/sitting, RPM, secure clinical communications/collaborations.

ThinkAndor® includes Andor Health’s AI-driven Virtual Rounding module that empowers organizations with simplified rounding experiences integrated to devices, PTZ Cameras, and other media. This can extend to Tele-sitting, to identify risk and adverse events such as Falls, High Motion, and other inpatient events. Intelligent alert escalation ensures immediate notifications and interventions.



These organizations are creating software-centric digital solutions to expand care to patients when and where they need it, helping to improve healthcare outcomes:


Stel Life Inc

Company: Stel’s mission is to simplify digital health infrastructure for patients, care teams, and digital health companies. As Patients and Care Teams evolve the standard of care to the home, common barriers that emerge are:

  • Complexity for Patients, especially those that lack wifi, smartphones, and/or comfort with tech,
  • Care Team burnt out, especially with new systems and non-EHR processes,
  • Privacy and Security by Device Manufacturers, sensor experts are forced to perfect PHI, App Development, and EHR integration to commercialize products.

Stel’s proprietary technology is designed to simplify these complexities in a safe and secure way, so Patients and Care Teams have confidence to adopt the new normal of care. Since the start of the pandemic, Stel has transmitted millions of vitals measures from vulnerable patients to care teams (into their preferred system). The Stel Team is honored to build trusted infrastructure for visionaries at Health Systems, Virtual Care Teams, Digital Health Orgs, and Device Manufacturers across the world. (More on Stel LinkedIn: StelLife | Twitter: @vitalshub)


Stel’s Home Vitals Hub was designed to support patients experiencing the digital divide or challenging social determinants of health to stay connected with their care team. Stel’s patented passive pairing removes extra pairing steps, smartphone and app management, and Wi-Fi-setup. The Bluetooth and Cellular Vitals Hub has no buttons, switches, or extra pairing steps. Patients simply use their vitals device and Stel’s Vitals Hub passively connects to their vitals devices and transmits data to the care team’s EHR or preferred digital health platform. Stel is a push only system and takes no-PHI or customer data in this process. The Vitals Hub has a growing device ecosystem and can connect with hundreds of specialty and general devices for remote care. Stel is working to expand their Operating System to support Internet Modems, Routers, Smart HomeSpeakers, and other internet gateways to enable safe and accessible connectivity needed for all patients to connect with their care-teams. Learn more:


Vori Health

Vori Health is a virtual-first musculoskeletal integrated practice focused on treating the whole person by delivering human-centered, innovative musculoskeletal care through intelligent technology, premium-quality content, community support, and multi-disciplinary personalized care teams including physical medicine physicians, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, health coaches, and nutritionists.


Virtual-first, full care team, nationwide medical practice with W-2 employed clinicians including physical medicine physicians, physical therapists, health coaches, social workers, and dietitians. Vori Health is focused on any MSK pain/dysfunction condition for 18 years and older and will be expanding to pediatrics, fracture care, and inflammatory arthritis soon.


Midi Health

Midi is the digital-first healthcare platform designed specifically for women at midlife, providing personalized protocols delivered by clinicians trained in female hormone transition. Our approach leverages specialized labs, prescription medications, supplements, and lifestyle coaching, to target the unique health challenges faced by women in this critical stage of their lives.

The Midi platform leverages technology and content to scale access to expert, compassionate care and education. Services are covered by insurance, including telehealth visits, 24/7 messaging, at-home testing, and delivery of prescriptions, supplements, and other products. Midi protocols are designed by preeminent doctors and personalized with robust, proprietary, validated clinical algorithms.



These organizations are creating digital and AI technologies that monitor patients and collect and integrate patient data across care settings and improve health outcomes:



Biobeat’s system includes a wearable monitor which utilizes a PPG-based sensor to continuously provide accurate patient readings of 13 health parameters. Biobeat’s web platform incorporates advanced AI-based algorithms to provide alerts on potential deterioration. Biobeat’s wearable devices are the first devices to be FDA-Cleared for cuffless non-invasive blood pressure measurement.

Transforming data collection and decision support tool, as the system automatically measures 13 parameters and transmits them to a web application and EMR seamlessly and wirelessly.

At-home medical exams, delivered. Kit makes health testing simpler & more reliable for your patients. Subsidiary of @Ro.

Kit provides cost-effective, clinical-quality blood testing and health monitoring delivered to a patient’s doorstep.


Biofourmis Care@Home

Biofourmis is a fast-growing global leader in digital therapeutics and virtual care that powers personalized predictive care. We develop and deliver clinically validated software-based therapeutics to provide: better outcomes for patients; advanced tools for clinicians to deliver personalized care; technology to complement pharmacotherapy; and cost-effective solutions for payers.

An end-to-end technology platform enabling Care-at-Home for patients across the continuum of care. Our Hospital at home, Remote Patient Monitoring, and Specialty Care solutions support patients and providers via continuous monitoring that utilizes biosensors, machine learning, AI-powered remote management, and a 24/7/365, specialized, licensed clinical support team.

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