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This year’s theme, Now What? Creating Opportunity in a Time of Uncertainty, will explore the landscape and examine what will be necessary to establish telehealth as a permanent modality in care delivery.

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Track Details
Hybrid Care

Implementing a two-channel hybrid model of care that balances in-person and virtual care; telehealth beyond just a COVID solution; tools and training for clinicians; in-patient, in-home, acute care and remote care; diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and more

Ending Inequity

Consumerization of healthcare without boundaries; the virtual patient experience; addressing social determinants of health; serving the underserved

Everyday Care

Applications across the care continuum and beyond – from healthy aging and telemental health to pediatrics and telerehabilitation; improving health and wellness

Policy Priorities

Federal policy and regulatory priorities; state legislative agendas; business models/reimbursement and licensing

Technology and Framework

Emerging technologies to extend virtual care services; driving productivity, efficiencies and cost savings; security, privacy and cybersecurity; interoperability and data flow

Proof Points

Research, data and analytics; decentralized technology-driven clinical trials

Expo Events

The ATA2022 Expo will showcase the organizations that are accelerating the movement to telehealth adoption. Learn from and network with the top innovators and implementers in the digital health, virtual health, and telehealth space through demos, presentations and key expert talks.

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