Telehealth Innovators Challenge

How are You Using Telehealth to Transform the Future of Healthcare?
Are you creating the latest digital health innovations to help eliminate gaps in access to care? Get ready to show the world!

The ATA is excited to showcase the latest digital health innovations to help eliminate gaps in access to care. First-Round selections of the Innovators Challenge are complete!

Below are the 40 companies selected in the first round of judging in the ATA Innovators Challenge. These companies will now enter the second round of judging, where the top 12 finalists will be selected to present their innovations live onstage at ATA2023, March 6!

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The Innovators

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We are seeking innovations within four key digital and telehealth solutions categories:
In-patient Care Solutions

Digital solutions that help patients in isolation or remote healthcare deserts receive virtual care, such as:

  • Virtual consults with clinicians
  • Second opinion consultations with primary and/or specialty care providers
  • Consults with a patient’s entire care community and care team, including clinicians, caregivers and family
The Patient Experience

Software-centric digital solutions to expand care to patients when and where they need it, helping to improve outcomes, including:

  • Digital Home Testing Solutions: broad access to home testing can expand the spectrum of ways telehealth can expand the potential of tests used effectively outside a clinic or healthcare facility
  • Digital Behavioral Health Solutions – digital solutions that can help deliver mental health services to patients virtually, and provide expanded access to care in vulnerable and hard-to-reach populations
  • Decentralized Clinical Trials –a decentralized, patient-centered approach can attract a more diverse study population and eliminate existing barriers to participation in research studies, including COVID-related restrictions
  • Patient Engagement Tools – digital and virtual tools and platforms that connect patients to providers and care teams, optimizing their care routine and experience
Tools that Deliver Care

Digital and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies that monitor patients and collect and integrate patient data across care settings and improve health outcomes, including:

  • Device or sensor-based remote monitoring solutions
  • At-home, healthy aging and patient safety technologies, such as robots in the home, sensor technology, medication dispensing
Femtech and Women’s Health

A growing, yet under-represented and under-funded category in healthcare, the femtech and women’s health category, includes digital solutions, products and devices that target and support female biological needs and health. These solutions address a range of women’s health needs to include applications and digital tools to support:

  • Chronic conditions and hormonal disorders
  • Diagnostics
  • Pregnancy and postpartum
  • Breast feeding
  • Reproductive health
  • Overall health and well-being
  • Sexual wellness

The Process

The Process

Entries will first be reviewed by members of the ATA team, followed by a select panel of Innovators Challenge judges in the second round, based on specific criteria that will determine the top 12 entries (three innovations will be selected per category). These 12 entries will be invited to pitch their innovation live at ATA2023 in San Antonio. In the third and final round, held on Monday, March 6 during ATA2023. Our judges will select one winner from each category. In addition, in-person ATA2023 attendees and the virtual telehealth industry at large, will be asked to vote for the Audience Choice Award!


Rounds One (Qualifying) and Two:

Submissions will be evaluated on the following criteria to identify the top candidates in each of the four categories:

  1. Application: What healthcare challenges are you trying to solve or what gap in care are you trying to fill? How will your solution address this?
  2. Availability: Do patients and clinicians currently have access to your solution? Do you have available data? Does it address an unmet patient need? How big is the potential market?
  3. Validation: Has your solution demonstrated effectiveness? Does your product or solution have U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval? Do you have data or case studies demonstrating the response from clinicians? Patients?
  4. Consumer Adoption: Is your solution currently used in care delivery? What has been the measurable impact on patients or clinicians?
  5. History of Success: What is your and/or your company’s track record in successfully hitting commercial milestones and/or launching a product
  6. Product Originality: Does your solution bring to market benefits not already available to patients/clinicians or vastly improve what is currently available? Does your solution truly stand out among others in the market?
  7. Patient Outcomes: Has your solution improved access to care, patient convenience and overall experience, engagement and outcomes?
  8. Provider Outcomes: Has your solution improved the provider experience, reduces burnout and administrative burden, improves patient/provider engagement and communication, improves overall workflow efficiency?
  9. Cost benefit: Does your solution reduce the cost of care?
Final Round

During ATA2023, in front of a live audience and our esteemed panel of judges, one winner from each of the four categories will be selected based on the following criteria:

  1. Reimbursement: Have you secured reimbursement for your solution?
  2. Data: Have you conducted a clinical trial or research study to validate the innovation? Can you present measurable outcomes?
  3. Novelty: Can you demonstrate that your innovation offers a better or more effective solution and/or represents a breakthrough in the market?
  4. Timing: When will your solution be available to patients and/or providers, if not already on the market
  5. Transformative: Is your solution designed to transform the current treatment paradigm for caring for individuals with an unmet need or global health crisis (i.e., COVID-19)?


Attending ATA2023
Each of the 12 finalists selected to present will receive one complimentary registration for their speaker to attend ATA2023. Travel and hotel accommodations are the responsibility of the attendee and will not be reimbursed by the ATA.


Entry Deadline

Extended to December 22, 2022, at 11:59PM EST

Please note the entry deadline – this date is final and there will be no extensions provided. The system will automatically prevent entry submission after the deadline.

First-Round Selections Announced

Week of January 16 – Round 1 (Qualifying) Reviews are Complete

Second-Round Selections Announced

Week of January 30, 2023

Live Innovators Challenge at ATA2023

March 6, 2023

2022 Winners

Meet the 2022 ATA Telehealth Innovators Challenge Winners

Meet The Winners



We’re grateful for the support of our Sponsors who help make the Telehealth Innovator’s Challenge possible:



Samir Batra

BAHA Enterprises

Fran Ayalasomayajula

Reach Health

Amit Aysola

Wanxiang Healthcare Investments

Dr. Brittany Barreto

FemTech Focus

Christine Brocato

CommonSpirit Health

Emma Cartmell

Cartmell Ventures

Lise Courtney D'Amico

LRV Health

Dr. Tracy Dooley


Ayush Jain

Revolution Health

Jennifer Joe, MD

AstraZeneca Global Medical Strategy, VA Boston Healthcare System

Dr. Aditi U. Joshi

Nagamed LLC/Redesign Health, MDisrupt

Kate Merton


Santosh Mohan

Moffitt Cancer Center

Julia Monfrini Peev

PACE Healthcare Capital

Saya Nagori, MD


Maxim Owen

Wavemaker 360

Dr. Rakesh Patel

Good Samaritan Hospital

Lygeia Ricciardi

Ada Rose

Kyle Robertson

Healthcare Investor

Julianne Roseman

Plug and Play

Deborah Scher

Former Executive Advisor to the Secretary, Veterans Affairs Center for Strategic Partnerships

Sara Silacci

Mass General Hospital Center for Innovation in Digital HealthCare

Solome Tibebu

Going Digital: Behavioral Health Tech

Mayher Uppal

Metrodora Ventures

Elliott Wilson

CDW Healthcare

Keith Winter

Teal Ventures

Emily Zhen


Anthony Zlaket

Unity Point Health Ventures

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