Deep-Dive Sessions


On Saturday, March 4, to kick-off conference programming, ATA2023 will feature a series of deep-dive sessions that will showcase latest topics and innovations in key areas of the tech-enabled care and telehealth space. Prepare to roll up your sleeves and dig into these compelling and cutting-edge sessions: Telehealth Basics, Telemental Health, The Business of Telehealth and Remote Monitoring.

These sessions are included at no charge for registered (All Access) attendees. We encourage you to sign up for sessions when you register to secure your spot.

The Business of Telehealth: The Biggest Legal Issues You Need to Understand

Your legal team will be glad you came to this session. Not only will you learn about top regulatory issues facing our industry, but we’ll explore how to avoid pitfalls and ramifications.

Why TeleMental Health Matters More than Ever

Throughout the pandemic, telehealth played a pivotal role in providing and expanding access to mental health care. Find out what’s happening in the mental health industry today, the best behavioral health clinical workforce success strategies and how telehealth can impact emergency departments in crisis support.

How Remote Monitoring is Changing the Landscape of Healthcare Delivery

This session features an introduction to Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) to include definitions, history of remote monitoring, key use cases, coding, and CMS reimbursement history, as well as broader policy activity. Speakers will unravel the myriad devices in the remote monitoring space: evaluating and differentiating between devices, both standard and unique; explore best in class models in remote monitoring in home care, hospital at home and engaging patients in their care journey; virtual nursing as a staffing strategy; how to integrate remote monitoring and health system perspectives on measuring success and outcomes.

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