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2023 Telehealth Innovators Challenge Finalists

The ATA is excited to showcase the latest digital health innovations for healthcare delivery to help eliminate gaps in access to care. Meet the Top Twelve Innovators who will pitch live onstage at ATA2023, March 4!


A growing, yet under-represented and under-funded category in healthcare, the femtech and women’s health category, includes digital solutions, products and devices that target and support female biological needs and health.


Nest Collaborative

Nest provides virtual 1:1 lactation support (same-day, and scheduled) thorough its unique care model that deploys multiple evidence- based interventions proven to increase the duration of breastfeeding. We work directly with ancillary stakeholders including healthcare teams, payers and employers to engage families early, empower them for informed-decision making. Our payer-reimbursed services are delivered through a diverse and culturally competent board-certified team of experts and are designed to improve breastfeeding care offerings in a more equitable care model.


Ouma Health

Ouma is a tech-enabled maternity clinical services platform that provides a range of services (depending on client needs) in collaboration with the patient’s local maternity provider, ready to clinically step-in 24/7/365 in case of gaps in care, including pregnancy risk-assessment and mitigation, HEDIS measure support (PPC1 and PPC2), Maternal-Fetal Medicine (high-risk pregnancy experts) consultation and co-management and Maternity at Home (virtual prenatal visits with midwifery team, and RPM). Other services include perinatal nurse navigation and care coordination, behavioral health support including substance use disorders, and remote patient monitoring (RPM) including at home fetal non-stress testing (NST) and chronic disease management.



SimpliFed is a virtual breastfeeding and baby feeding provider network that improves access to professional lactation support covered by health plans at no cost to families. We start working with parents during pregnancy virtually to provide a 1:1 prenatal education appointment to help you prepare for baby feeding during the initial chaotic weeks. This is important because when a woman does not reach her breastfeeding expectations, the literature shows that she is more likely to be diagnosed with postpartum depression. After baby is born, parent texts us via our secure platform to begin her postpartum care. We work with parents surrounding issues with pain, latching, positioning, undersupply, oversupply, sleeping while feeding, breast pumping, clogged milk ducts, combo feeding/formula feeding, transitioning back to work and weaning.


Digital solutions that help patients in isolation or remote healthcare deserts receive virtual care such as virtual health consultations.


Oshi Health

Oshi Health is a virtual-first gastrointestinal care clinic integrating evidence-based medical care and behavioral health support into a convenient, high-touch and data-driven care model. Our integrated GI care can scale to help the 70mm+ people living with GI conditions achieve improved health outcomes, quality of life and workplace productivity while reducing the total cost of care.



Omnicure was founded by a team of critical care intensivists as a unique patented, SaaS technology platform designed to instantly respond to clinical consult requests from the bedside on-demand.


Great Speech

Great Speech is the pioneer of accessible, effective, and convenient speech therapy for children, teens, adults and seniors. Through its national network of 200+ licensed speech therapists across the United States, Great Speech uses AI technology and proprietary algorithms to match and assign a speech therapist to a patient based on his/her specific needs and the therapist’s expertise.



Software-centric digital solutions to expand care to patients when and where they need it, helping to improve outcomes.


Vori Health

Vori Health is a virtual-first musculoskeletal integrated practice focused on treating the whole person by delivering human-centered, innovative musculoskeletal care through intelligent technology, premium-quality content, community support, and multi-disciplinary personalized care teams including physical medicine physicians, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, health coaches, and nutritionists.


Videra Health

Videra Health is a reimbursable remote patient monitoring platform that digitizes traditional clinical assessments for easier distribution, gathers rich qualitative patient data using video, and scales provider and care team efforts. Patients can use Videra upon intake, in-between traditional or tele-health visits, as well as post discharge. Providers and health teams are then proactively alerted when a patient varies from baseline metrics or experiences excess emotional distress. Videra integrates with many systems and technologies making it a perfect addition to current clinical workflows. The founding team brings 30 years of video analytics experience and a strong understanding of clinical operations and systems.


Clearstep Health

Access to the right health care at the right time should be easy. Clearstep Smart Care Routing™ solutions, powered by clinical augmented intelligence, guide healthcare consumers to the best next steps for care based on their symptoms, insurance, location, and preferences. With the rise of digital and consumer-centric healthcare, Clearstep empowers healthcare organizations to maximize patient acquisition, engagement, and outcomes by providing self-service Virtual Triage, automating common Patient Services, and streamlining critical touch points for Clinical Journeys. While concurrently reducing administrative burdens, simplifying workflows, and delivering measurable value.



Digital and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies that monitor patients and collect and integrate patient data across care settings and improve health outcomes.


Strados Labs

Our FDA-cleared respiratory management solution enables real-world, real-time monitoring of lung sounds by harnessing the power of smart sensor technologies. The Strados™ Cardiopulmonary Platform which includes the RESP Biosensor captures wheezing, coughing and other adventitious lung sounds as well as respiratory dynamics for a more holistic picture of each patient’s respiratory health journey. Patient data is sent in real time via the cloud to a clinician portal, which is supported by machine learning algorithms for automated event detection.


Starling Medical

Starling is building a first-of-its-kind at home urine diagnostics remote patient monitoring platform that seamlessly integrates into anyone’s bathroom routine.
By monitoring changes in urine over time, we aim to bring the hospitalization reduction benefits of remote monitoring to a new range of chronic conditions such as recurrent UTIs, BPH, and chronic kidney disease.


OPTAC-X Global SATCOM Enabled Telehealth

OPTAC-X is a SATCOM Enabled lifesaving global telehealth architecture that connects Special Operations Medical Forces to physicians anywhere around the world, in remote, austere locations. OPTAC-X is a leader in the future of global telehealth and the remote access to healthcare solution that can reach patients anywhere around the world.


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