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ATA2022 Annual Conference & Expo: Save the Date and Call for Participation Open!

ATA, the unbiased and credible industry voice on the use of telehealth, will hold its ATA2022 Annual Conference & Expo May 1-3 at the Boston Convention & Exposition Center.

This year’s theme, Now What? Creating Opportunity in a Time of Uncertainty, will explore the landscape and examine what will be necessary to establish telehealth as a permanent modality in care delivery.

Call for Participation

ATA2022 will showcase best practices and practical applications of virtual care technologies, as well as forward-thinking ideas, innovative approaches to solving healthcare challenges, and inspiring speakers. The program team is accepting recommendations in the following areas:

  • Speaker Nominations and Session Topics: General Program – The ATA2022 program is being curated by a select Advisory Committee, together with the program team, and are accepting recommendations for session topics including real-world applications, best practices, and the practical insights and learnings that will help advance telehealth implementation; as well as nominations for forward-thinking, innovative speakers (see Content Pillars below for areas of focus). Submit proposal for General Program.
  • Research Presentations and Poster Session Abstracts: Research Track (Proof Points) – This dedicated program track will focus on the data, evidence, and case studies driving innovation and building the foundation that will reshape the practice of healthcare. Submissions from clinicians, researchers, and innovators who are moving ideas to implementation are welcome. Submit proposal for Research Track.

COVID-19 created an almost overnight shift in how care is delivered. We were not ready for such a seismic change, but telehealth quickly became the solution, a lifeline for people, no matter where they lived, to access needed healthcare services. Through this rapid transformation hospital systems, solution providers, and clinicians began to create a hybrid delivery system of in-person and virtual care to best serve the needs of patients. But the pandemic also brought to light existing disparities in health care access and a gaping digital divide.

So, now what?

In order to establish telehealth as a permanent, valid and necessary component of everyday care delivery, there are several imperatives:

  • Enact state and federal policies that establish permanent and appropriate access to telehealth.
  • Enrich existing healthcare systems with well-designed virtual care services and support clinicians with the necessary tools and training to deliver convenient, personalized, quality care to their patients.
  • Fuel innovation, research, and the implementation of telehealth in a range of care settings, including the home.
  • Establish the necessary infrastructures to extend equal access to safe, secure, and effective care in communities across the country.
  • Empower consumers and patients to leverage telehealth whenever and wherever they need it, to help solve health disparities.

There are also several obstacles that affect provider behavior, patient engagement and business success: Growing uncertainty about the future of telehealth access, an unpredictable regulatory environment, mounting concerns around reimbursement, and turbulence in the marketplace.

ATA2022 features the decision-makers and thought leaders, the boots-on-the-ground clinicians, the forward-looking innovators and solution providers, and the policymakers who are creating the future. The agenda will build upon the lessons learned, identify the challenges and opportunities in these uncertain times, and convene the individuals, organizations, and decision-makers to cement the gains made to establish telehealth as a care modality in a modernized healthcare system.

The program will showcase a mix of practical applications of telehealth – from preventative and primary care to behavioral health and other areas of specialty care — and hands-on workshops, mixed with luminary vision of important next steps for telehealth’s future.

Speakers will include those who are setting the tempo for disrupting healthcare, redesigning the patient experience, and leveraging technology to achieve healthcare equality. Attendees will be engaged in the discussion, debate, and decision-making as ATA2022 tackles the toughest challenges and reveals the latest strategies to design the right technologies, implement the best practices and improve patient and provider experiences and clinical outcomes.

ATA2022 Content Pillars
  • Hybrid Care – Implementing a two-channel hybrid model of care that balances in-person and virtual care; telehealth beyond just a COVID solution; tools and training for clinicians; in-patient, in-home, acute care and remote care; diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and more
  • Ending Inequity – Consumerization of healthcare without boundaries; the virtual patient experience; addressing social determinants of health; serving the underserved
  • Everyday Care – Applications across the care continuum and beyond – from healthy aging and telemental health to pediatrics and telerehabilitation; improving health and wellness
  • Policy Priorities – Federal policy and regulatory priorities; state legislative agendas; business models/reimbursement and licensing
  • Technology and Framework – Emerging technologies to extend virtual care services; driving productivity, efficiencies and cost savings; security, privacy and cybersecurity; interoperability and data flow
  • Proof Points – Research, data and analytics; decentralized technology-driven clinical trials

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The deadline for all submissions is October 29, 2021.

Please contact DeAnna Grosbaum, Director of Events, ATA, with any questions.

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