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Poster Presentation Details

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Guidelines for Poster Presenters
+What should my poster be about?

The ATA2020 Poster Sessions will highlight research teams working on projects within the digital/virtual/telehealth health space. Projects will reflect topics that are relevant to the Conference theme: Moving at the Speed of Innovation: Accelerating Telehealth Adoption, to include, but not limited to: Access to Care, Cost Analyses, Patient Experience, Clinician Experience, Clinical Effectiveness, Clinical Outcomes, Quality Improvement, Regulatory & Policy Research, Information Technology, and Measurement Frameworks & Tools.

Poster presentations offer an opportunity to share work with a global audience interested in developments in the digital and telehealth space. Posters will be on display during ATA2020, with presentations Monday and Tuesday (schedule and presenting posters to be announced).

+Will my Poster be posted online?

Poster abstracts will be posted online through the Telemedicine and e-Health Journal, Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. Publishers. You can view ATA2019 abstracts.

View ATA2019 Abstracts
+What do I get for presenting a poster?

The presenting author will receive one free registration to the Conference. Poster authors should plan to present their posters during the designated times.

Presentation Guidelines
+Do I need to prepare a talk for my Poster?

Posters will be on display in the exhibit hall throughout the Conference with presentations taking place Monday, May 4, from 11:30AM – 1:30PM, and Tuesday, May 5,  from 10:20 AM to 12:20 PM. Presenting authors are expected to be at their posters during these times to discuss the posters with Conference attendees.

You may want to prepare a 1-2- minute synopsis of your research to share with ATA2020 attendees.

+Must all authors be in attendance?

No. However, the primary author on the submission should be the one who will be presenting the poster at ATA2020. (And the presenting author will receive the complimentary registration.) As usual, everyone who substantively contributed to the study should be given credit on the poster.

CME Regulations
+*What CME guidelines and regulations should I consider?

Posters are part of the ATA2020 Research track that will offer CME credits provided by University of Virginia School of Medicine.

Posters should be free of commercial bias and promotion – and there should be no drug or device company logos.

Physical Poster Specs and Logistics
+Is there a required poster format?

Printed posters will be displayed on free-standing double-sided poster stands. Poster boards are 99” wide and 79” high (from floor to top; legs are 31” high).

Presentation Poster Stands
+What size is the poster?

The maximum dimensions are 94.375″x wide by 46.25″ high.

+Should my poster be black and white, or colored?

You will choose the layout and design of your poster. One recommendation is that you use at least one color to add visual interest.

+Where do I print my poster?

ATA2020 will not have printing facilities.  Wherever you decide to get your poster printed, please print it prior to your arrival in Phoenix/ATA2020.

+How will the posters be hung?

Pushpins will be provided at the Phoenix Convention Center for you to use to hang your poster. Please be aware that poster board is too heavy to affix to the boards; try to use paper (which can be laminated) to minimize the weight.

+When will I need to hang my poster?

The exhibit hall will be open starting Sunday, May 3, 1:30PM to allow poster presenters to hang their posters. Please ensure that your poster is in place no later than 5:00 PM.

+Do I personally have to hang my poster?

Presenting authors should plan to hang their posters, but can ask a colleague to do so for them if that works out better logistically.

+Who can I contact if my question has not been answered?

Contact DeAnna Grosbaum, Director of Events, ATA.

? Questions or concerns? Contact DeAnna Grosbaum
Director of Events, ATA.

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