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Exhibit at the Largest and Most Important Gathering of Telehealth Professionals in North America
ATA2020 is the premier event in the telehealth industry, attracting thousands of healthcare professionals and leaders from an array of healthcare and technology sectors, where they unite to discover ways to make great choices for their organizations, the industry, and more importantly—the consumers. Attendees innovate, network, and return to their organizations with actionable insights, long-lasting connections, and new approaches to creating better solutions, outcomes and lower healthcare costs.

Who attends the ATA Annual Conference?

  • Healthcare Leadership and C-Suite Executives
  • Professors and Researchers
  • Engineers and IT Professionals
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Financial and Legal Investors
  • Clinicians and Nurses
  • Physicians
  • Insurers
  • Healthcare Marketing and Sales Representatives
  • Telemedicine Consultants
  • Healthcare Policy Strategists – Government Relations Leadership
  • Students

Which organizations, systems, and institutions are represented at the ATA Annual Conference?

  • Healthcare Providers
  • Private and Group Practices
  • Clinical/Hospital/Health Systems
  • Insurance Companies/Payers
  • Corporate/Retail/Service Providers
  • Specialty Clinics/Centers\
  • Long-Term/Post-Acute Centers
  • Academic/Research/Education
  • Financial/Legal/Investment
  • Vendor Devices/Services
  • Military/Government
  • Healthcare Consulting Services

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