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Tessa Lannoy

Tessa Lannoy chose to go into primary care because she believes in treating patients holistically and helping them achieve optimal, lifelong health. One Medical Group’s patient-centered philosophy spoke to Tessa, and she believes the organization is special because of its recognition that each individual patient is a multifaceted person with unique needs and goals. Tessa’s practice style involves collaboration with her patients and the creation of detailed care plans that treat the individual and promote prime personal health. She believes her hard work, compassion, and follow-through make the greatest impact on the health of her patients, and she is strongly committed to making a positive difference in people’s lives. Her positive attitude and ever-present smile are also characteristic of her unique style. “I work hard and believe in honesty, integrity, and most importantly, a healthy, well-lived life,” she says. To stay healthy, Tessa loves being outside hiking and skiing with her family. Tessa attended Northeastern University and is ANCC-certified.

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