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Samir Qamar

Dr. M. Samir Qamar is the CEO of MedWand. In 2014, after working with Google on telemedicine projects, Samir found a team of medical engineers and invented the MedWand to provide what he thought was the missing link in telemedicine — physical exams. An award-winning family physician with an international upbringing, Samir envisioned MedWand technology being used to examine patients at any location around the world, whether down the street or in the next continent. Samir believes that advanced telemedicine will eventually replace much of what we see in the clinical world today.

Prior to MedWand, Samir was one of the pioneering minds behind the rapidly rising Direct Primary Care (DPC) industry. He created one of the nation's first DPC companies, MedLion, in 2009 and helped catapult the industry nationwide by focusing on low-cost, high-quality primary care and advocating for its legislation in several states. Prior to MedLion, Samir pioneered the Concierge Medicine model in California, where for many years he was also the official house doctor for the Pebble Beach Resorts.

Samir completed his medical training at University of Pennsylvania's Penn Medicine – Lancaster General Hospital, one of the top-ranked primary care residencies in the United States. His visions on the future of primary care have been referenced extensively in national and global media. Samir is a member of the MIT Technology Review Global Panel, American Medical Association, American Academy of Family Physicians, and several other organizations. In his spare time, when not reading tech and medical journals, he serves as healthcare analyst for Woodlock House Family Capital. Samir speaks six languages, and still practices medicine to both help patients and discover new technology to improve healthcare. He currently lives in Las Vegas.


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