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ATA2021: Save the Date - Call for Participation Closed 3/3/2021

ATA, the unbiased and credible industry voice on the use of telehealth, will hold its ATA2021 Annual Conference & Expo virtually each Tuesday and Thursday in June 2021. Telehealth Tuesdays and Thursdays will tackle what’s next for telehealth — where the market is headed, federal and state policy priorities, and what it will take to achieve permanent and widespread adoption of telehealth for all individuals, including underserved populations and our must vulnerable patients.

Telehealth: Enabling Flexible, Inclusive and Contemporary Care Delivery

This year’s theme, Telehealth: Enabling Flexible, Inclusive and Contemporary Care Delivery, will build upon the lessons learned, identify the challenges and opportunities of today’s new realities, and convene the individuals, organizations, and decision-makers to cement the gains made to establish telehealth as a care modality in a modernized healthcare system.

The program will showcase a mix of practical applications of telehealth – from preventative and primary care to behavioral health and other areas of specialty care — and hands-on workshops, mixed with luminary vision of important next steps for telehealth’s future.

Speakers will include those who are setting the tempo for disrupting healthcare, redesigning the patient experience, and leveraging technology to achieve healthcare equality. Attendees will be engaged in the discussion, debate, and decision-making as ATA2021 tackles the toughest challenges, and reveals the latest strategies to design the right technologies, implement the best practices and improve patient and provider experiences and clinical outcomes.

Call for Participation

ATA2021 will showcase best practices and practical applications of virtual care technologies, as well as forward-thinking ideas, innovative approaches to solving healthcare challenges, and inspiring speakers. The program team is accepting recommendations in the following areas:

  • Speaker Nominations and Session Topics: General Program – The ATA2021 program is being curated by a select Advisory Committee, together with the program team, and are accepting recommendations for session topics including real-world applications, best practices, and the practical insights and learnings that will help advance telehealth implementation; as well as nominations for forward-thinking, innovative speakers (see Content Pillars below for areas of focus).
  • Research Presentations and Poster Session Abstracts: Research Track (Facts, Figures & Future) – This dedicated program track will focus on the data, evidence, and case studies driving innovation and building the foundation that will reshape the practice of healthcare. Submissions from clinicians, researchers, and innovators who are moving ideas to implementation are welcome.

Deadline for all submissions was March 3, 2021 – and officially closed.

Please contact DeAnna Grosbaum, Director of Events, ATA, with any questions.