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Walkitria Smith

Dr. Walkitria Smith is a humanitarian, community health advocate, and physician who is changing the trajectory of medicine with her innovative practices and technological advances in the field of medicine. Dr. Smith is a native of Mobile, Alabama. She received her degree in Biology from Spelman College and Medical Degree from Morehouse School of Medicine. She later completed her residency at Chesterfield Family Practice in Richmond, Virginia. During her time at Chesterfield Family Practice, she served as a Chief Resident while holding a dual teaching appointment at Virginia Commonwealth School of Medicine.
Dr. Walkitria Smith has dedicated her life to reducing health disparities through education, primary care, and preventive medicine. Dr. Smith’s clinical and medical research interests include Women’s Health, Pediatrics Preventive, and Lifestyle Medicine. Dr. Smith strategically focuses on diet, exercise, and living a holistically healthy lifestyle. She also has a strong interest in chronic disease, particularly empowering patients to navigate their diagnosis through health education. Dr. Smith has successfully integrated technology with practicing medicine, she communicates with patients about their food and exercise on a weekly basis. Dr. Smith serves as the chair of the Clinical Process Improvement Committee for the Department of Family medicine. As chair, she identifies QI projects, processes, and interventions to improve patient care and health outcomes. Dr. Smith has served as the chair of the Clinical Competency Committee, where she help create tools and assessment to evaluate resident milestones. Dr. Smith also currently serves as the Director of Telemedicine for Morehouse School of Medicine as well as the Associate Program Director of Residency for the Department of Family Medicine.
Dr. Smith sits on various committee’s at Morehouse School of medicine such as: the research, student progress, and quality committee. She also serves as chair of the planning committee for Program Director Retreat. Dr. Smith has developed various Clinical Programs that have been implemented in the healthcare sector. The programs consist of transition of care, controlled substance prescribing, childhood obesity group visit, faculty teach and serve, clinical process improvement retreat series, medicare annual wellness campaign, and maternal child health fair and forum.
Dr. Smith is a distinguished member of the American Board of Family Physicians, the Georgia Academy of Family Physicians, American Telemedicine Association, Association of Family Medicine Residency Directors, and Society of Teachers for Family Medicine. Outside of Medicine she continues to give back to her community by coordinating a Maternal Child Health fair, serving on Think Tank for Pretty Girls Sweat, Inc., and a contributing writer for the proactive family. Dr. Smith has participated in research, quality improvement, contributed to academic journals and grant funding. In addition to her leadership roles she serves a mentor to high school and college students. Dr. Walkitria Smith is on a quest to impact the lives of many by assisting patients in achieving a great level of optimal health. Dr. Smith is an innovative 21st century leader in the field of the medicine who is leaving a mark that will not be erased.

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