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Ted Schwab

Ted is a strategist, entrepreneur, and digital healthcare expert.  He has over 30 years of healthcare experience, specifically in healthcare strategy, partnerships, business development and organizational transformation. He is an industry leader in innovation and market development. As an entrepreneur he has participated as a funder, Board Member and leader of six startups.

He has spent 20 years leading healthcare strategy divisions of major consulting firms.  He has been a leading partner at Booz (now Strategy&), Oliver Wyman and Huron.  In that capacity he has led the transformation and development of over 150 healthcare organizations, ranging from prominent Academic Medical Centers, to national integrated health care delivery systems, to international insurance companies.

As an executive in the industry he was known as an innovator and change agent.  He was the second Chief Innovation Officer in the entire industry.  In that capacity he created over 250 new companies and initiatives, funded them with nearly $2 billion in capital and was a founding member of the Innovation Learning Network.

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