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Steven Moyo

Dr. Steven C. Moyo is a Board Certified, Health Sciences Assistant Clinical Professor and attending physician at the University of California San Diego. He completed his residency training at the Osler Internal Medicine Residency Program at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. He attained his medical doctorate from Michigan State University College of Human Medicine and a Bachelor of Science from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Dr. Moyo, or DocMoyo, has a strong personal and professional interest in the prevention of cardiovascular disease and stroke, and how – using digital media, information technology, and community outreach – we can aim to prevent cardiovascular disease. Furthermore, he has additional interest and experience in working with underserved populations and aims to address disparities in care for these at-risk groups.
It is these interests that led DocMoyo to found Welfie, a California Limited Liability Company, that is developing a personal and community-centered cardiovascular disease prevention platform. “At Welfie, our mission is to promote heart health, prevent heart disease, and, save lives.” Welfie is ‘Designed by Doctors’, ‘Supported by Science’ and aims to be ‘Perfected by Patients’ by partnering with community groups and leaders to ensure that the public, patients and people who are at risk of heart disease have a say in the design of this tool that aims to help them tackle heart disease.

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