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Stephen Minton

Stephen D. Minton, MD, is the Medical Director, NICU Development Team at Intermountain Healthcare; Chief, Division of Neonatology at Utah Valley Hospital in Provo, Utah and American Fork Hospital in American Fork, Utah; a Medical Director of Neonatal LifeFlight; and, Medical Director of the Intermountain Neonatal Telehealth Program.
In 1979, he opened the first non-academic Newborn Intensive Care Unit in the United States. Dr. Minton and his colleagues were instrumental in changing the platform for neonatal ventilation and have taught over 900 physicians throughout the world high frequency ventilation. Dr. Minton is a researcher at the Intermountain Healthcare Institute for Health Care Delivery. He is a lecturer for the Intermountain Healthcare Advanced Training Program for Hospital Redesign and has been a leader in NICU Redesign. Dr. Minton was instrumental in the initiation of the Intermountain Healthcare Clinical Integration for Women and Newborns. He is also a recipient of Intermountain Healthcare’s Osler Cloak Award for Excellence in Caring and Curing.
Dr. Minton is active in research in areas such as neonatal high frequency oscillation for the prevention of lung injury, early lung recruitment with non-invasive ventilation, neonatal abstinence syndrome, hypoglycemia in newborns, neonatal cerebral perfusion and cardiac function, neonatal nutrition and feeding, neonatal health care quality improvement and redesign, and Neonatal TeleHealth.

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