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Quinn Shean

Quinn Shean leads the virtual care and digital health engagements for Tusk Strategies and Tusk Ventures, the first venture capital fund and political strategy firm dedicated to working with and investing in promising startups operating in regulated industries. Her experience includes strategic regulatory counsel on issues concerning telehealth, mobile medical applications, medical device requirements, privacy, marketing, and consumer protection, as well as crafting cohesive. messaging, building strategic partnerships, and facilitating grassroots outreach. Her varied background in the healthcare– from advising on policy during political campaigns to serving as legal counsel to major pharma companies to working as a strategist to innovative startups – has shaped a unique perspective of both the priorities and the challenges and opportunities confronting stakeholders as they consider emerging healthcare technologies. She recently was appointed by Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner to the Uniform Law Commission (ULC), which researches, drafts and enacts uniform and model laws on subjects for which uniformity of law among the states is necessary or useful, and serves on the Telehealth Committee.

Prior to joining Tusk, Quinn was a litigation associate at two major international law firms, where she represented pharmaceutical, medical device and consumer products clients in several multi-jurisdictional mass tort actions, consumer fraud class actions, and internal and regulatory investigations. Quinn began her career at Hart Research Associates in Washington D.C., where she conducted public opinion research on behalf of political and advocacy campaigns.

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