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Peter Antall

Dr. Antall is a physician, health care entrepreneur and telehealth pioneer. He has a track record of disruptive innovation in the areas of care delivery, medical group management, patient experience and telehealth. Dr. Antall is President and a founder of a the Amwell Medical Group, a national telehealth physician organization, where he oversees a group of over 8000 providers, in multiple specialties and disciplines, who provide care in all 50 states. Dr. Antall has helped develop tools to train telehealth providers, manage supply and demand nationally, and to define and measure clinical quality in telehealth. Dr. Antall is actively involved in coordinating care with a variety of partners across the country including hospital systems, health plans, employers, and technology companies. Dr. Antall is a thought leader, speaker media voice and is active in the regulatory and legislative space as an advocate for modernization of telehealth rules and regulations.

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