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Paula Wadley

Paula Wadley is the Vice President for the Chief Medical Office, Hospital and Specialty Services for Children’s National Hospital. With 25+ years of experience in healthcare management and operations of clinical and non-clinical departments, Paula is responsible for physician/professional relations, financial acumen, strategic planning, project management and program development within Cancer and Blood Disorders, Neuroscience, Surgery, Heart Institute, Telemedicine, and Hospital Based Specialties. She has taken executive lead on international, national and state projects; as well, on research-clinical trials, process improvement, and customer service initiatives, and outreach partnerships with other area hospitals.

In addition to having a successful track record for enhancing patient and staff satisfaction, and developing strategic roadmaps, Paula is a visionary leader with experience in improving productivity, organizational performance and achieving cost-saving returns.

Paula joined the Children’s National Hospital team in 2010, and since then has assisted with the development of 7 NICUs, 4 Hospitalist Outreach programs, and assisted in the establishment of multi-disciplinary pediatric specialist Telemedicine programs, nationally and internationally.

Paula is a registered Respiratory Therapist by profession and holds a M.S. from the University of Maryland in College Park, Maryland.

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