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Miles Romney

Miles Romney started his career in healthcare, building the first EHR for wireless mobile devices in-clinic. From there, he moved on to architecting secure data workflows for HIPAA compliance, and packet-streaming encryption systems for video and audio over the Internet. He bridged this technology into the entertainment industry creating an animation studio, a film distributor, and a large SaaS media publication platform that ultimately operated more than 1,500 online properties for the country’s largest outlets including ESPN, DirecTV and Electronic Arts (EA). While running this consulting firm and building large-scale video streaming solutions for its customers, he met Bret Larsen, his eVisit co-founder, who was in need of a technical expert and founder at eVisit and who shared the same vision for healthcare: to simplify healthcare delivery to everyone, everywhere.

Romney onboarded at eVisit and architected the MVP instance of eVisit, which has evolved today as an end-to-end enterprise-grade virtual care platform to serve the needs of some of the largest hospital and health systems in the U.S. Romney now serves as eVisit’s on-staff futurist and CTO, leading the Product and Engineering teams.

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