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Meghan Conroy

Meghan Conroy is a digital health pioneer. She has questioned for years why, in the most connected era in history, access to health care is still one of our biggest challenges. In 2012, she embarked on a journey to answer that challenge with CAPTUREPROOF. CAPTUREPROOF is the HIPAA-compliant app to capture, compare and share medical photos and video asynchronously to enable doctor-to-doctor and doctor-to-patient visual communication.

CAPTUREPROOF is tracking visual biometrics and decoupling care from time and location. CAPTUREPROOF has proven impact in chronic care management and more accurate triage. CAPTUREPROOF can embed into other mobile and web applications delivering a “visual digital check up” to capture symptoms from post acute care (wounds, stroke), chronic care management (DFU, parkinson’s, epilepsy, psoriasis) and more accurate triage.

Meghan’s journey to bring CAPTUREPROOF from concept to vision was a passion project, fusing her love of photography and her desire to help improve patients’ health. After earning a bachelor’s degree in physiology, Meghan started her career as a pharmaceutical rep at Abbott Laboratories and Johnson & Johnson. She launched 14 products into the medical market, always ranking within the top of the company’s sales force. After many successful years in pharma, Meghan moved to Paris to pursue a graduate degree in photography. She managed photography for clinical trials across Europe, where the need for CAPTUREPROOF became obvious, and a new dream – and CAPTUREPROOF Inc. – was born.

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