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Maria Rebecca Bernstein

Maria is a nurse practitioner currently in a role as the clinical system program manager at Northwell Health for Anticoagulation and Clinical Thrombosis Services (ACTS). In this role, she on-boarded a total of 25 faculty practices under the Anticoagulation Initiative to serve approximately 5,000 patients. These efforts includes implementation of sophisticated anticoagulant management tool for dosing and tracking patients on warfarin, unified policies and procedures on warfarin dosing and management, the ability to track key quality metrics of anticoagulant management and a standardized assessment of patients on oral anticoagulant therapy. These efforts resulted to $3M+ cost savings from re-hospitalizations due to anticoagulation adverse events. Maria spearheaded the Tele-ACTS program at Northwell Health incorporating telehealth as an innovative approach to deliver anticoagulation care in one of the largest health care systems in Northeast.

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