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Maria Chininis

Maria Chininis is a community outreach and education specialist for the Sports Medicine and Concussion Institute at Northside Hospital Duluth. She brings her high school administration experience to the Concussion Institute and high schools being served by Certified Athletic Trainers to provide the best concussion treatment and management. Athletes and their parents can schedule appointments in the clinic or via telemedicine from their school or home. Removing barriers for concussion care is at the heart of her passion for this work.

The Concussion Institute’s Return to Learn program has been recognized by the CDC as one of four programs implementing best practices in RTL for concussion care. Additionally, Maria serves on state committees working to enhance the Georgia Return to Play Law with the addition of a Return to Learn protocol.

Maria has worked to implement telemedicine concussion services in schools and domestic violence shelters across the state of Georgia. Also, partnering with DV/IPV shelters to provide concussion services to survivors at the Concussion Institute.

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