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Liz Asai

Liz Asai has served as CEO of 3Derm since 2013. 3Derm is a digital health company that has developed skin imaging systems paired with machine learning algorithms to triage dermatology concerns. Prior to founding 3Derm in 2012, she conducted research on telemedicine technologies and served as principal investigator of a teledermatology clinical study at the Yale School of Medicine.

During her tenure as CEO, Liz has raised several rounds of capital, attracted over a million dollars in public and private research grants, and obtained reimbursement for their telemedicine service from several major payers. She led the team through three clinical studies over five years before entering the market in 2016. Liz is actively involved with local and national health tech policy groups drafting testimony and legislation advocating for telemedicine reimbursement. Liz holds a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from Yale University.

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