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Kate Brown

Kate Brown leads Mercer’s Center for Health Innovation (CHI), a group of specialists within Mercer’s U.S. Health business dedicated to driving innovation that works for our employer clients. Kate and her team are responsible for identifying areas within healthcare that are ripe for innovation, and helping those solutions come to life. Key focus areas include the changing landscape of healthcare networks, the role of the consumer, the explosion of start-ups and point solution vendors, and the role these vendors will play in the future of healthcare.

Prior to CHI, Kate served as a Total Health Management consultant with Mercer. In this role, she developed well-being strategies for large and jumbo employers, and did extensive project management in the Digital Navigator space, including large-scale implementations, and ongoing vendor management.

Kate started her career in sales and operations at Apple, where the notion to “think different” took hold – a mindset that serves her well in her current role as the CHI leader.

Kate holds a master’s degree in Kinesiology from the University of Texas, and the CEBS designation.

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