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Ann Fronczek

Dr. Ann Fronczek has been a nursing faculty member for the Decker College of Nursing and Health Sciences at Binghamton University, Binghamton, New York. Dr. Fronczek’s current research and scholarship work is in the area of telehealth with a special focus on nursing theoretical frameworks that can be used support nurses in telehealth, specifically King’s Dynamic Interacting Systems framework and Theory of Goal Attainment. As part of this work, she is a leader for the Southern Tier Telehealth Center at Binghamton University, a collaboration between the Decker School of Nursing and School or Engineering and Applied Sciences at Binghamton University, in partnership with regional healthcare providers. Funding for this Center was provided by the Southern Tier Regional Economic Development Council’s Mobile Technology Fund. She is particularly engaged in the development of the training center for telehealth for this project. In addition to this work, she serves as Nurse Education telehealth consultant for the Decker School’s HRSA Advanced Nurse Education Workforce Grant: Improving Rural Health: A NEW Way of NP Education. She develops continuing education programs in the area of telehealth for local providers and will be teaching academic course work to graduate advanced practice registered nursing students.

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